Team bonding was the main objective of our department’s event at Kitchen Showdown. However, not only did we achieved that but surprisingly, we had learned how to whipped up a delicious Tiramisu and Chicken Fajitas with step by step instructions. The teams brought back with them the experience and a skill that is so useful in this day and age where eating out has taken over the joy in cooking. Kitchen showdown had provided us quality & fresh ingredients & accommodated to our constant change in people which was truly appreciated. Chef Ian always appears at the most appropriate timing when teams appear lost to provide advice. Mr How Seng was such a lovely host, quick witted and extremely funny. Special thanks to King Ling for making this all such a fun, memorable and rewarding team bonding for us. We all had a blast! Thank you.

Health Claims & Services DepartmentAXA

Sweet Team bonding with chocolate lava cupcakes, great cameraderie with Mexican Chicken so good that we need to dance Salsa, surround ourselves with positive people with Paper wrapped chicken! These were the reasons we chose Kitchen Showdown! Chef presence provided the assurance that the food prepared was highly edible! Kingling was equally helpful in accomodating to our Team’s busy work schedule! Incredible experience witnessing 7 other kitchen illiterates collectively cooking up a delicious 3 course meal! They have the perfect recipe! We would definitely recommend Kitchen Showdown to mid sized insurance agencies with a group strength of 8 to 20 pax!


I went to the place thinking about MasterChef series – daunting. After all, it’s the first time I cook outside of my kitchen. However, my nervousness was proven needless the moment Chef started to brief us on the Mystery Box challenge. I was intrigued. Ian made all of us feel at ease at the premise with the challenge in-hand, by being helpful and suggesting ideas. King Ling, albeit doing the dirty job, complemented the event that night by ensuring things run smoothly and orderly. Kingsley, while appeared serious and stern at first, turned out to be a very friendly and mentoring judge too. All of us had fun that night at Kitchen Showdown and the activity we partook that night certainly fits the team-building objective. The event exceeded way beyond my expectation. It was good fun, exciting yet calming (cooking/baking is therapeutic), challenging yet humbling (to work with different people/character towards a common goal), and last but not least, memorable. I know it’s weird to say this, but it felt good to unwind after a day of work at the place. I totally had a ball of time there! Thank you once again to King Ling, Ian and Chef!


First off, I would like to thank Ian from Kitchen Showdown for accommodating us at the very last minute. Ian was very patient and took the time to explain the various games, giving suggestions based on our group size and going into detail about how and why certain games have specific requirements.

Even then, it was especially challenging as we only had 10 pax and we were quite adamant with choosing cut-throat assassins as the main theme, against Ian’s recommendation, because it sounded very fun.

Eventually, Ian was able to tailor the menu, the competition format and how the overall game play would flow such that we could still whip something up within 3 hours even though it was just 3-4 per group, since the very minimum requirement for cutthroat assassins is 3 teams.

Right from the start, we became very competitive as they would incorporate little games like remembering what ingredients to pick for your dishes and having to buy the missing ingredients back.

This would lead up to the main game, where the amount of chips we have left would determine our fate with the penalties or recoveries we could purchase with our remaining chips.

At the end of the whole thing, everyone was happy, satisfied and very full!


I would like to thank Ian and his dedicated team for their professionalism, friendliness and passion in hosting our Unit Cohesion on 8 Jan 2018. Firstly, Ian was very flexible and accepting to our requests during the planning phase. On the event day, their team literally took care of everything and I can safely enjoy The Mystery Box Challenge together with the rest of my friends. This is a very well thought-out activity and you guys should give it a shot if you haven’t tried it before! Heartfelt thanks again to Kitchen Showdown and we’ll be back again!


Many thanks to Kitchen Showdown for facilitating our Department Retreat on 6 Dec 2017. Many thanks to Kingling, Chef Kingsley and Ian for the attentiveness to the planning, and flexibility in customising the programme for us.We also had requested for a separate art jam session after the culinary competition which the facilitators had supported us in readily. Our team had enjoyed the games and surprises (sabotages etc.) There is also a wide range of kitchen appliances and crockery to pick from. Overall it was a well thought-out and organised session, and it has left wonderful memories for us. The team has certainly offered us more than just a cooking challenge. Thanks for hosting and facilitating our event, Kitchen Showdown!

Michelle LeeKK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

It was a wonderful evening of laughter and fun. We had good assistance from the chefs, who were somewhat able to identify those of us in need! The session also allowed some of us to experiment on something new (Molton Lava cake was lovely),  and we had a great team time what experimenting. The environment was also lovely, we didn’t have to sweat it out  – it was nice and cool, while cooking. Overall, it was a lovely experience, and we loved the photos that Kitchen showdown took of the team under pressure too! Thank you so much!


It’s been great working with you as well! Thank you so much for your hard work in making sure everything went as planned. We loved how you guys made the event seemed easy – nothing seemed too much of a bother and everything seemed effortless – which was so great to experience on our side. Not only did we all learn to cook better but also got to know our own team better too! Thank you once again for organizing and having us.  We definitely had a memorable team bonding thanks to you.


Our team had such a great time in the cooking challenge and wine appreciation session held on 26 Sep 2017 at Candylicious Kitchen, Vivocity. Everyone can’t believe that it turned out to be so well managed by you and Ian.  Chef & Facilitator Ram did a great job in the teambuilding activities.  We should say it was the best event we had ever been to. Thanks so much to your team for all hard work and dedication to the event and your patience with us for changing the event a couple of times!  We appreciated your efforts in making it such a memorable experience.  


It was a wonderful experience where there were ample cooking facilities, brightly lit ambience and  working space for 5 teams.  Throughout the event, Ian and his team were always on standby always walking around whenever we need help. They were very approachable and even saved us the task of washing the dishes. I was surprised and this was above my expectation.  The emcee also did a great job in hosting; clear instructions were provided by him too. I would like to give my special thanks to Kitchen Showdown folks, especially Ian. The event wouldn’t have been a success without their help. Ian was very patient and prompt in replying the countless queries that we had regarding the event. Overall, Ian met and exceeded our expectations. Kuddos to Kitchen Showdown team!