Verissa Tan

We had a great time and all of us enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thank you for coming up such fun activities and all the work done in preparation for the event

Wallace Wong
Parkway Pantai

We had a lot of fun ! Most definitely will recommend you to others

Health Claims & Services Department

Team bonding was the main objective of our department’s event at Kitchen Showdown. However, not only did we achieved that but surprisingly, we had learned how to whipped up a delicious Tiramisu and Chicken Fajitas with step by step instructions. The teams brought back with them the experience and a skill that is so useful in this day and age where eating out has taken over the joy in cooking. Kitchen showdown had provided us quality & fresh ingredients & accommodated to our constant change in people which was truly appreciated. Chef Ian always appears at the most appropriate timing when teams appear lost to provide advice. Mr How Seng was such a lovely host, quick witted and extremely funny. Special thanks to King Ling for making this all such a fun, memorable and rewarding team bonding for us. We all had a blast! Thank you.

Priscilla Goh

Thanks for making our retreat a success, all of us enjoyed ourselves very much. The programme put together was interactive and it create teamwork as well as communications among the colleagues which at work we rarely have the chance or opportunities to do so. Once again, a big thank you to you and your team and we hope to work with you again in the near future!

Chu Kheng CHUA
HSBC Bank (Singapore) Limited

Thanks to Kitchen Showdown for a fun and relaxing afternoon that allows the team to work together, bond and has good laughs.  A big Challenge to make simple recipe into yummy food for all to enjoy. But we all make it!

Fiona Ng
New Era Tickets Asia Pte Ltd

Thanks for the great experience my team really enjoy the challenge. We are glad the whole activity is well-organized and had a total different experience from the usual team bonding activities we had.

Serene Hooi

Thank you for all the arrangement for our teambuilding event despite that it is very last minute planned. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves this morning and they were all full of praises for the event 🙂 Once again, Thank you and Kitchen Showdown team for all the fun!

Chan Jia Hui

Special thanks to Team Kitchen Showdown for helping to organize our team building event. Kingling has been accommodative to our requests and suggestions, and both Chef and Ian’s presence gave us the much needed assurance to prepare the main dishes without any recipe! We enjoyed the entire process, and of course the dishes we prepared for each other. Definitely a worthwhile and fuss-free experience

Jack Tan

Sweet Team bonding with chocolate lava cupcakes, great cameraderie with Mexican Chicken so good that we need to dance Salsa, surround ourselves with positive people with Paper wrapped chicken! These were the reasons we chose Kitchen Showdown! Chef presence provided the assurance that the food prepared was highly edible! Kingling was equally helpful in accomodating to our Team’s busy work schedule! Incredible experience witnessing 7 other kitchen illiterates collectively cooking up a delicious 3 course meal! They have the perfect recipe! We would definitely recommend Kitchen Showdown to mid sized insurance agencies with a group strength of 8 to 20 pax!

Lina Ng

Thank you and your team for the fun and action-packed event on 9 Jul 2018. It was a breeze for us (the organising team) as you guys had taken care of most, if not all, of the preparation required. It was truly a refreshing experience which allowed us to see another side of our colleagues.

Michelle (Chea Yee) LIM | 林家妤

I went to the place thinking about MasterChef series – daunting. After all, it’s the first time I cook outside of my kitchen. However, my nervousness was proven needless the moment Chef started to brief us on the Mystery Box challenge. I was intrigued. Ian made all of us feel at ease at the premise with the challenge in-hand, by being helpful and suggesting ideas. King Ling, albeit doing the dirty job, complemented the event that night by ensuring things run smoothly and orderly. Kingsley, while appeared serious and stern at first, turned out to be a very friendly and mentoring judge too. All of us had fun that night at Kitchen Showdown and the activity we partook that night certainly fits the team-building objective. The event exceeded way beyond my expectation. It was good fun, exciting yet calming (cooking/baking is therapeutic), challenging yet humbling (to work with different people/character towards a common goal), and last but not least, memorable. I know it’s weird to say this, but it felt good to unwind after a day of work at the place. I totally had a ball of time there! Thank you once again to King Ling, Ian and Chef!

Natasha Jumari

We had a great time at Kitchen Showdown for our team bonding day. Special thanks to Ian and Chef KingsLEY for their expertise and enthusiasm throughout the cooking session. The experience was definitely a memorable one, from the talks and laughter from the session carried on throughout the day. Thanks guys!

Karmen Tan

We had a great time at Kitchen Showdown for our team building! Chef Kingsley, Ian and Kingling were very helpful and efficient during our cooking challenge when they spotted us having troubles! Really thankful for their tips and advices!

Heng Ai Ling

Many thanks and our team had a fun time last night! Everyone pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and did what they normally wouldn’t do – cook! Thank you for hosting us!

Belle Tan

We are very happy and enjoyed in your activities too

Adeline Soh

Thank you. Our folks are very pleased with the arrangement and it was a fun and interactive afternoon

Bryan JT Yap

First off, I would like to thank Ian from Kitchen Showdown for accommodating us at the very last minute. Ian was very patient and took the time to explain the various games, giving suggestions based on our group size and going into detail about how and why certain games have specific requirements.

Even then, it was especially challenging as we only had 10 pax and we were quite adamant with choosing cut-throat assassins as the main theme, against Ian’s recommendation, because it sounded very fun.

Eventually, Ian was able to tailor the menu, the competition format and how the overall game play would flow such that we could still whip something up within 3 hours even though it was just 3-4 per group, since the very minimum requirement for cutthroat assassins is 3 teams.

Right from the start, we became very competitive as they would incorporate little games like remembering what ingredients to pick for your dishes and having to buy the missing ingredients back.

This would lead up to the main game, where the amount of chips we have left would determine our fate with the penalties or recoveries we could purchase with our remaining chips.

At the end of the whole thing, everyone was happy, satisfied and very full!

Chng Yong Lak

We’ve all enjoyed ourselves and we’ll be sure to share the good experience !

Priscilla Poh

Thanks for the great event this evening ! Everyone enjoyed themselves !Please extend our thanks to your excellent team

JingTing Li

It’s good to experience the new kitchen. Once again, thank you for the hard work ! Hope to see you soon 🙂

Jenny Phua

Kitchen Showdown perform good team bonding for us.  This is our 2nd time to the place for our event. Our staff are happy on the event plan.  Thanks to your team & chef, he is a good teacher/judge and gives good advise to the team on how they can improve on their cooking.Thank you.  Cheers!

Vennice Wong

Thanks for helping us organizing this event. The team had a great time. Everyone enjoyed the mystery box challenge very much. Thanks again! =)

Shalini Bala

Thank u so much for organizing everything so well and everyone had loads of fun and finally got a chance to bring out the chef within. It was a great experience. Thanks to you and your team once again!

Boon Hwee

I would like to thank Ian and his dedicated team for their professionalism, friendliness and passion in hosting our Unit Cohesion on 8 Jan 2018. Firstly, Ian was very flexible and accepting to our requests during the planning phase. On the event day, their team literally took care of everything and I can safely enjoy The Mystery Box Challenge together with the rest of my friends. This is a very well thought-out activity and you guys should give it a shot if you haven’t tried it before! Heartfelt thanks again to Kitchen Showdown and we’ll be back again!

Gary Steele

Thanks for arranging that night out. It was great fun and everyone had a ball. Good choice!!

Kelvin Ee

We would like to thank Kitchen Showdown Team for putting together a Great Team Bonding Event on 5 Jan 2018.  Overall, our team enjoyed the Team Challenge had lots of Fun, working together and Games. We appreciate the dedicated professional team at Kitchen Showdown, for their commitment towards making the event a success. A Big Thank You and We will be Back !

Michelle Lee
KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Many thanks to Kitchen Showdown for facilitating our Department Retreat on 6 Dec 2017. Many thanks to Kingling, Chef Kingsley and Ian for the attentiveness to the planning, and flexibility in customising the programme for us.We also had requested for a separate art jam session after the culinary competition which the facilitators had supported us in readily. Our team had enjoyed the games and surprises (sabotages etc.) There is also a wide range of kitchen appliances and crockery to pick from. Overall it was a well thought-out and organised session, and it has left wonderful memories for us. The team has certainly offered us more than just a cooking challenge. Thanks for hosting and facilitating our event, Kitchen Showdown!

Anne Tan

It was a wonderful evening of laughter and fun. We had good assistance from the chefs, who were somewhat able to identify those of us in need! The session also allowed some of us to experiment on something new (Molton Lava cake was lovely),  and we had a great team time what experimenting. The environment was also lovely, we didn’t have to sweat it out  – it was nice and cool, while cooking. Overall, it was a lovely experience, and we loved the photos that Kitchen showdown took of the team under pressure too! Thank you so much!

Waheeda Abdul Kadir

Thank you for hosting the school. The staff had a wonderful time bonding and cooking with one another.

Elaine Chua

It’s been great working with you as well! Thank you so much for your hard work in making sure everything went as planned. We loved how you guys made the event seemed easy – nothing seemed too much of a bother and everything seemed effortless – which was so great to experience on our side. Not only did we all learn to cook better but also got to know our own team better too! Thank you once again for organizing and having us.  We definitely had a memorable team bonding thanks to you.

Betty Lau

Our team had such a great time in the cooking challenge and wine appreciation session held on 26 Sep 2017 at Candylicious Kitchen, Vivocity. Everyone can’t believe that it turned out to be so well managed by you and Ian.  Chef & Facilitator Ram did a great job in the teambuilding activities.  We should say it was the best event we had ever been to. Thanks so much to your team for all hard work and dedication to the event and your patience with us for changing the event a couple of times!  We appreciated your efforts in making it such a memorable experience.  

Ikumi Ichinose

I would like to say thank you for your arrangement and for providing us great time! We enjoyed a lot and I believe many of us have found new aspects of our colleagues by cooking with them. I’m glad we chose ” the Pizza Perfecto Challenge” with you for our team building, and again I appreciate you and all of your effort.

Joycelin SEE

It was a wonderful experience where there were ample cooking facilities, brightly lit ambience and  working space for 5 teams.  Throughout the event, Ian and his team were always on standby always walking around whenever we need help. They were very approachable and even saved us the task of washing the dishes. I was surprised and this was above my expectation.  The emcee also did a great job in hosting; clear instructions were provided by him too. I would like to give my special thanks to Kitchen Showdown folks, especially Ian. The event wouldn’t have been a success without their help. Ian was very patient and prompt in replying the countless queries that we had regarding the event. Overall, Ian met and exceeded our expectations. Kuddos to Kitchen Showdown team!

Sarah Chan

Thank you to you and your friendly team for making the team bonding event a success!  I have received good feedback from my colleagues.  Everyone had a wonderful time learning about each other’s culinary talents J.  Overall, the team enjoyed the adrenalin-charged challenge with great fun and laughter putting together those creative and yummy dishes!

Chanelle Zhuo

Event was well organized, fun and suitable for all ages and gender. Time was well planned for the whole event. Environment was spacious and air conditioned which makes everyone feel comfortable. The staff are extremely helpful and friendly. They are also flexible in accommodating to our requests. At the end of the event, everyone had fun and a good bonding thru this event!

Rachel Yowan

Thank you so much once again for doing an excellent job last Friday. I was pleased with the outcome and was so happy to see my male colleagues, including boss, enjoying themselves. They truly let their hair down that day! Saw the lighter and greater side to them then.

Ann Yong

Thanks for organizing the event for our Company last Thursday and it was a good experience to the group.

Yap Li Ting

Thanks for the wonderful event. We all enjoyed it!

Jing Ting Li

Thanks for the experience last week. We all had fun 😉

Timothy Chan

Kitchen Showdown was an amazing corporate event for LinkedIn. It helped to bring out our collaborative spirits and a bit of that competitive streak! The challenges were very interesting and everyone loved it. Kingling was extra helpful when our alcohol order from a 3rd party did not arrive and she went out of her way to help buy and set it up for us. We are very grateful to the team at Kitchen Showdown for making this event a huge success for our group and would definitely recommend this activity for corporates.

Maggie Eng

Thank you very much for the successful event on 27 July 2017 and accommodating our requests prior to that. We are grateful for the great team, great support and great event!  Volunteers and beneficiaries alike, we enjoyed a great deal!

Kris Lee

Thanks again for hosting us last Friday. Feedbacks from the team members were that it served as an ice breaker between the team members since there were some new joiners recently and people over here travel quite frequently – thus this is a good chance for them to mingle and interact. They also found the activities to be fun and the part where we incorporated our values to the painting proved to be very meaningful as well – through this session it helps the team to build even stronger bonds. We hope to revisit Kitchen Showdown again sometime in the near future!

Vanessa Soh

Much thanks to you and the Kitchen Showdown team, we had a really fun experience cooking up a storm!! Even though there were numerous changes and last minute requests from us, you were very accommodating and handled it in a timely fashion. Really appreciate all the coordination and help to ensure our event were run smoothly. Thumbs up for a great team building event! 🙂

Olga Serena

Thank you for the great assistance from beginning until the end. I truly appreciate your willingness to help me with the event customization. My team enjoyed the evening and we really appreciate the hospitality.

Richard Croft

A big thank you to the Kitchen Showdown team for hosting our work team building activity. The event was very well-resourced, the presenter was funny & engaging and everyone had incredible fun! I would recommend Kitchen Showdown and would use their services again without question


Everyone of our team truly enjoyed the Mystery Box Challenge. Logistics were arranged perfectly. It was conducted in an glassy and bright kitchen with a very good view. Chef and staff are friendly and helpful. We enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it to any of our friends or other teams of the company!  

Jaime Chan

Our team had an awesome time at Kitchen Showdown with the Mystery Challenge last Friday!  Thanks to Ian and his crew for the well planned activity and being so accommodating throughout.  It was a wonderful & memorable experience for our team!  We are glad that we chose Kitchen Showdown for our Teambuilding!

Stefanie Paulus

We all had a fantastic time with the mystery box challenge! Thank you and your team so much for the organizing and assisting throughout the event. Your services were superb from start to finish. Your team were always present to help if any one of us were struggling to find a spatula, bowl, plates etc. ☺ We would have no hesitation in recommending Kitchen Showdown to anyone interested in such events.

Razali Bin Senin

Yes, it has been an enjoyable and fun experience for the team!  Based on the feedback shared, the experience has enabled us get to know one another better and link the experience to our learning objectives 🙂

Elvina Teo

Our team enjoyed the The Mystery Box Challenge. I have received lots of good feedback and would also like to take this opportunity to you and your team to make our event successful.

Diane Chia

Thanks for the great event last Friday! My team really enjoyed themselves with the intense cooking session!

Greta Tan

The event was well-organized and well-coordinated. Everyone had a role to play in the event as they had time constraints to complete the assigned activities. Hence, this was a great team-bonding activity, and its objective was met. Overall, the experience was interesting, and fun, and we will definitely recommend this to other organizations!

Daniel Chung

Thank you for the email and the dropbox of photos! It was a great experience and many of my colleagues enjoyed themselves cooking up a storm. Thanks for making all the logistical arrangements to make the programme run so smoothly, and for the chef to be so patient and helpful in giving pointers and tips. 🙂

Maggie Tham

We are very happy to have engaged Kitchen Showdown for our team building last evening. The group enjoyed the activity very much and it was very timely we ended the day with this event as we were talking about building high performance team and underlying this the aspect of trust and collaboration.It was indeed very apt to complement our discussions of the day with the cooking event. You and your team were very proactive to advise and guide each team member/team during the event.  The whole concept was very well thought through.We had a lot of fun whilst putting into practice what we had been learning during the day.We certainly will not hesitate recommending groups to you for team building event.

Candy Han

On behalf of the team, a BIG THANK YOU to Ian and his Kitchen Showdown team for the great support and being a fantastic host to our offsite event. We had an awesome time cooking, playing and eating and my colleagues are still raving about the experience till today J Highly recommend this to anyone looking for team building event with a twist!

Wen Da

We do enjoyed and Big thanks to the Kitchen Showdown and your dedicate team to make us a memorial team building!

Internal Audit J

Our team building activity was an awesome one! Thanks to your professional team whose passion and dedication to work radiates on how you managed our activity. We highly recommend this activity to everyone!

Jerry Hung

The end to end experience that Kitchen Showdown provided was amazing. From the customization of event to the execution of the session, it was wonderfully planned and engaging. All the participants have a meaningful team bonding session over cooking and I would definitely recommend others who are looking to host a corporate session to contact Kitchen Showdown! Thanks Kitchen Showdown for the joy and laughter you brought! Thanks once again!

Elain Tay

Kitchen Showdown has been very accommodating and the emcee was very engaging.  As our event was held 2 weeks before Chinese New Year, they were able to incorporate Lo Hei into our programme which brightened up the festive season.  Our colleagues had a great time bonding with one another. Overall, it has been an enjoyable and successful event.

Elsie Lai

Thank you Ian! My colleagues told me they had a fun time yesterday. 🙂

Mandy Pang

A big thank you to Ian and his team for being such wonderful host to us for our annual event. Ian have been very accommodative and supportive throughout from quotation to post event. Ian and his team kept everything in great order during the event that our organizing team could fully join in the event and have fun as well. Kitchen Showdown is definitely the place to go if you are looking for ideas for your corporate event! Thank you Kitchen Showdown!

Nicholas Sim

Many thanks for the hard work in putting together the Mystery Box and Cutthroat Challenge for us. We would also like to convey our sincere and heartfelt appreciation to Chef Kingsley and Ian for facilitating and entertaining us during the event. We are glad to have picked Kitchen Showdown as our retreat activity. It was indeed an amusing and memorable experience for us to see one another “in action” in a different setting!

May Phoi
LEE KUAN YEW SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY National University of Singapore

We enjoyed the fun and laughter in your interesting cooking class. The photo itself bears good testimony! And through cooking, we discovered our individual inner talents. Thanks so much for customizing to our needs and organised it with patience and care!

Fan Suet Yeng

Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event for us. I have lots of positive feedback from my colleagues, stating that the event is awesome and the food is good. Thanks for creating wonderful memories for us.

Cecilia Siah

Your Guys Are GREAT!
Thank you so much for the great Fun during our Income Year-End Party 2016! On behalf of our committee we are all very proud to have Kitchen Showdown as our event organizer. Because of you guys we have set our standard One Step higher and Good Luck to the 2017 committee. HaHa! Here I can boldly said that with Kitchen Showdown we have made the RIGHT choice !!

Below are some of our committee members personal view and experience partnering with you and your team before and during the event…

…..”A big thanks to everybody for all your time, contributions and effort for this successful event. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with
a different section of colleagues including Kitchen Showdown. I am also thankful to be able to work closely together with you all”

… “Great experience to work with Kitchen Showdown! MC Derrick is very entertaining! Hope we can work together again in the near future for other events”…
…. “A pleasure to work with Kitchen Showdown”…..
… “Great fun! Smells good! Yummy…
…”Place a bit small and cramp…but not your fault ”
…”Emcee very young and active. Very good !!”
….Chefs and organizers were very friendly and helpful., we all like them very much”

.”fantastic Job!! Able to bring fun to such a big group

Patricia Lau

We had a fun afternoon whipping up delicious meals at Kitchen Showdown. The kitchen was big and comfortable to accommodate everyone and the team bonding activities were interesting and interactive. Thanks for helping to host a great event and also for taking photos for us

Dennis Ng

My team and I had a Mystery box challenged organised by Kitchen Showdown in Nov 2016. I would like to commend Kingling on her professionalism from the start (when I requested for quotations) to the end (follow ups post invoicing). It was not easy accommodating to the many different palates of my team, and we had a last minute crisis of learning that we needed vegetarian options. Kingling and team kept their composure and managed to turn it around within minutes and came back with an alternative proposal 10 min before the event started.We had a really jolly time and would definitely recommend this to our colleagues and network for future team building events.Great job!

Simone Walsh

We have a lot of team members in our office whom like to cook and are very competitive!!! Kitchen Showdown provided many options and we decided to try the Mystery Box Challenge! The cooking studio at VivoCity provided the perfect option to have our cooking showdown.The food we had to prepare was challenging, and delicious eating. We had 10 people and there was plenty of food to go around. We really liked the Mystery Box challenge and we had prawns and mussels that we needed to be creative with and rose to the challenge.The Chef and Staff were also fun and very helpful! We loved it and would highly recommend your Company..

Sherry Aljunied

Thank you very much for all you and your team have done for us. We had a perfectly wonderful time. Everything fell into place beautifully

Rachel Lim

We have enjoyed the event tremendously, thanks for the great coordination!

Shawn Tan

On behalf of my colleagues, many thanks to you, Chef Kingsley and your amazing team for providing us with such a wonderful and enjoyable team building experience. The session was well managed with a lot of fun and laughter, encouragement and participation, and provided a great opportunity for the team to work closely together to deliver the end results. Thank you once again for providing such an entertaining day, everyone really enjoyed themselves. You guys surpassed our expectations!

Jasmine Loh

Thank you for your effort in making this event fun for us and sharing the photos with us. It was a wonderful experience for all of us

Jackie Koh

I think from yesterday’s Kitchen showdown event, we can really see that everyone is putting in their best into cooking, communicating and working together regardless of their competencies in cooking. I have talked to some of our associates, they were really pleased with the event and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thank you Kingling, for making this possible. Give my regards to Terrence, Ian, Kingsley and Alex as well, they were great!

Wong Ching Hung

A very big thank you to Kitchen Showdown for the very fulfilling session. It has been a great and wonderful experience for us! The arrangement were well organized and all the staffs had enjoy themselves during the team bonding game event. The kitchen was very spacious and it is located at Vivocity which is easily accessible by MRT. The whole session were engaging and filled with laughter.Keep up the good job! Nice working with you, hope to see you again!

Tan Eng Teck

Thanks so much for the wonderful experience last Friday and both yourself and Kingsley were such good sport! Appreciate the gesture of the video and looking forward to seeing it as the pictures are amazing!

Leonard De Leon

Wow! Everyone really enjoyed and had great fun together! It was really a great team bonding and I can’t believe that I can cook and bake. ☺ Our leadership team really had fun and I think this will be just the beginning, I’ve been hearing other teams would like to try as well so get ready.

Niza Halim

Thank you again for organizing this. We love the event very much!

Kris lee

Thanks alot for the photos. It was an awesome team building event. Received good feedbacks about it. Will definitely recommend Kitchen Showdown to others as well.

Serene Lim

I would like to thank you, Kingsley and Ian for making the cooking class last Saturday (8 Oct) a memorable one for my team. My staff and I had a great time and enjoyed ourselves very much. Thank you!

MS Jing Yuan

My colleagues enjoyed themselves. They had a great time cooking! Thank you for the good service.

Grishma Dalvi

We had the Pizza making challenge as our team bonding activity. Kingling was very responsive and helped to tailor the program as per our requirements. Facility with a great view, cool Chef, good choice of ingredients, some great props, very good support staff and a customised plan for our team made it a wonderful experience. Thank You

Karen Kwan

The team had a lot of fun, it was a great success for us as well !

Esther Low

The event is a great success and all of us really enjoyed the activities!

Luanne Koh

Thank you once again for a very fulfilling team bonding experience that we still talk about today. Loved the space and set-up, so bright and cheerful and such a nice view. The activity was very well run and ingredients provided were fresh. The chef/judge (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) was very personable and made us all laugh with his jokes. We will definitely recommend Kitchen Showdown to anyone who asks!

Catherine Choy

It has been great and wonderful experience for us to have our teambuilding at Kitchen Showdown. At first thought, I never expect cooking challenge can be so fun and indeed a great learning point for myself. I experience a lot of team work and laughter throughout the whole challenge, bringing the whole department closer together. Kitchen Showdown has been providing a lot of assistance and guidance along the way which we greatly appreciate all the help. Thank you for everything and it had really me a very memorable teambuilding on 13 August 2016.

Isaac Teo

Thank you for having us. Word on the ground was that it was a fun afternoon and everyone had a great time learning to cook and trying other each other’s food. It was certainly very professionally done, no disruption or any issues that would typically be present in an event of such a large setting (having over 90 people in a place isn’t easy).
Some key highlights:
1) Kitchen space was well equipped to host a group of 90 people.
2) MC, Assistants, Facilitators and Chefs were of great help and made the event truly enjoyable.
3) Free parking was a plus
4) Execution of activities and the sequence of events were smooth.
All in all, an enjoyable 3 hours for everyone involved.

Mandy Chung
Planning Logistic SIVANTOS PTE LTD

Thank you for organizing a very lively and fun team building event for our department. A special thanks to KingLing and her team for accommodating to all our requests and making this event a success and memorable one. We really have fun and this have enable us to have a good bonding time with each other. Well done, Kitchen Showdown!!

Bryan Leong

Thanks for the happy memories, the participants enjoyed themselves very much

Jenny Koh
Regional Business Strategy Manager SYMRISE ASIA PACIFIC

Thanks for hosting us . It was a great experience and chance to bond and work as a team. The idea of having the Mystery box encourages thinking out of the box and that caters to our objective as well. We enjoy ourselves very much

Chen Kim Chin

Thank you for everything you’ve done to make the Team Building event a very lively and fun day. I’m very pleased by your professionalism and your attention to the details in preparing for the event. I would highly recommend Kitchen Showdown as one of the top choices for such corporate team event.

Shawn Chow

We are very pleased with the event and had lots of fun going through the team building activities! Thank you for the superb organization and we will definitely share our great experience with other teams!

Cindy Teo

We have recently engaged Kitchen Showdown to host our team building activities. It was really an excellent event as all of us had much fun and enjoy in our cooking challenge. Teamwork has never been so fun and delicious. A special thanks to KingLing and her team for being so accommodating to all our request and making our event a success and so enjoyable. Well Done !

Melissa Tng

Thank you very much to you and your team for making the event a roaring success !

Hema Sindhiya

On behalf of Tetra Pak, I would like to thank you and Kitchen Showdown on the whole, for making our team building event a pleasant and memorable one. The arrangements were organized and were done on time without any flaws. We had a good time during the game events which helped us to build team bonds. I also thank you personally for responding my calls and email promptly. We appreciate your service heartily

Emily Scrivener

Thank you Kitchen Showdown for a really fun event at such short notice. Ian was very responsive leading up the event, giving us comfort that everything would run smoothly and it did. King Ling was exceptionally helpful on the day, always lending an extra hand when necessary. Thank you again for a wonderful evening!

Nooraisha Hussain

The time spent with Chef Kingsley and his assistance were great!. It was an interactive team building activity that brought all of us together. The event was well organized as the Chef ensured everyone’s safety and it was ran very smoothly from the start until the end. The time spent in the kitchen was just right- was not tooshort or too long. It allowed us to get some time back for us as it ended at 4 pm. When we took breaks from cooking, we were always greeted with an amazing view from the Candylicious Kitchen. All in all it was time spent well with the Kitchen Showdown Team!

Silvia Ghonata

On behalf of my department, i wish to express my biggest thanks to Kitchen Showdown for organizing a well-planned, effective and memorable team building activity for us. All of us enjoyed ourselves to the fullest and i could even say it was beyond what i expected. The facilitator and chef were engaging and really ensure the smoothness of the event. All in all, a fabulous job done by Kitchen Showdown. Thank You Kitchen Showdown. Partner Kitchen Yay!

Sock Cheng Chua

It was an wonderful experience taking part in Kitchen Showdown team building activity. My team and i enjoyed ourselves and we have learnt new dishes during the cooking challenge. Besides that, we get to know our colleagues better and we can bring happy memories back to work. Thank You Kitchen Showdown!

Hallinah Bakar

I most highly recommend Kitchen Showdown for team bonding event. The whole process from the start to the end was pleasent, smooth and easy. It was way beyond my expectation. We all had a good time and was gladly surprised by how fun and meaningful it was, as we were all pretty anxious about not knowing how to cook. A big thank you to the team who were thereto assist us on the event day. I commend Kingling for her exceptional service in providing information, prompt replies and making accommodations to suit our request. She had made the experience in planning the event breezy. On behalf of my department, thank you so much!

Pui Fong Loh

On behalf of my department, i wish to express my biggest thanks to Kitchen Showdown for organizing a well-planned, effective and memorable team building activity for us. All our officers enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. King Ling has been a great help and always ready to accommodate to our requests. The facilitator and Chef were engaging. All in all, a fantastic job done by Kitchen Showdown!


We worked with Kitchen Showdown to plan a large company event with over 60 people. The Kitchen Showdown event organizers were very professional and accommodating and they allowed us to tailor the event to our specific needs. On the day itself, the Kitchen Showdown facilitators and chefs were fantastic to work with. They made the complex event both entertaining, educational and most of all fun! Everyone, from the most experienced cook to complete novices enjoyed themselves immensely

Shi Hui Chan

A big thank you to Kitchen Showdown for a fun-filling Saturday morning last week! We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly for all the team bonding activities especially “The Amazing Race”. We were so amazed and feel accomplished that we were able to complete all three dishes in such a short time frame, this will not be possible without exclusive tips and hints by Chef Jason! Special thanks to our coordinator, Ian for being so responsive and helpful in fulfilling all our request for the event, the amazing photographer, Jerry for capturing many wonderful shots, kingling for engaging the kids in the pizza making session while the daddy and mummy are busy with the ongoing race and lastly, the charming facilitator who did a great job in building up the atmosphere and engaging the group! Keep up the good work!

Rachael Sia

Thank You very much for a fun-filled evening. We really appreciate your flexibility in accommodating to our requirements, and your team’s efforts as well to make our event successful. It was indeed a nice and memorable experience for our entire team, and i guess the pictures that you have taken for us says all. J ! Highly recommendable!

Shradha Gupta

A big Thank You to the Kitchen Showdown team for arranging a great evening for us. Our team had a really fun time at the event where we were divided into groups and made an Italian style three course dinner, complete with bruschettas, pizzas and lava cup cakes ! It was an evening that full of laughter, learning, and team bonding for us. The venue was lovely with the spacious kitchen overlooking the Vivocity Sentosa waters. The arrangement by Kingling and Chef were just perfect , great job and hope to come back for more events in the future

Hui Min Lam

The Team Bake Off Challenge was fun and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously ! As a team, We had a lots of laugh , team bonding during baking and building the marshmallow spaghetti tower and of cause enjoyed our Pizza and Cupcakes together thereafter. Especially loved the kitchen which was very spacious, overlooks the sunny island of Sentosa and right in the heart of Candylicious, giving it a very cheery and happy atmosphere. Chef Benson, Wesley and KingLing did a great job in organising the function. ..KUDOS to them

Joysie Balones

Our team building on 15 Oct was hosted by Kitchen Showdown. We choose the Mystery box Challenge and Pizza Perfecto activities for 50 Pax. Fabulous experience, great interactive session and great team building activity! The team accommodated all our request, they were so organised and even go beyond service. Not only we able to eat a great meal we cook ourselves, with generous help from the Chef, but we are able to have lots of fun learning experience. We really had a great time bonding with our colleagues and we learned so much from each other. It was the best 3 hours team building event we ever had

Eileen Toh

Thank you for the pleasant programme which most of our employees have enjoyed much

Angela Teo

The event was successful and everyone enjoyed the session ! Thank You All

Patricia Pang

I just want to send you and the team a BIG Thank You note for the awesome job done last Friday in our team building event. Our team had a great time and enjoyed the engaging games that Wesley had prepared for our group. Wesley did a fantastic job along with Ian and Chef Andrew. We all had such a great time! Lots of laughter and fun. Thank you so much for a great job and well done. Working with you, King Ling to make sure we had everything lined up at the venue was a big help

Chee Sian Koh

We worked with Kitchen Showdown to organize a culinary team building. They were accommodating to our many requests and the Mystery Box activity was well received by the participants. They also got to know each other better through this event

Zi Sheng

The facilitator was good, place was clean, it was well organized and the view from the place was just so beautiful

Evelyn Chee

We would like to thank you and your team for such a well organised event. We will definitely recommend your services to our fellow colleagues from other departments

Ryan Tay

The event organized by Kitchen Showdown was great and everyone of us thoroughly enjoyed it. The facilitators are helpful and friendly and help to make the event a great success. Thank you Kitchen Showdown and keep up the good work! 🙂

Jane Boey

Thanks Kitchen Showdown for the wonderful Culinary Challenge. It well organized and our team enjoy it very Much. Keep the good Job.