I went to the place thinking about MasterChef series – daunting. After all, it’s the first time I cook outside of my kitchen. However, my nervousness was proven needless the moment Chef started to brief us on the Mystery Box challenge. I was intrigued. Ian made all of us feel at ease at the premise with the challenge in-hand, by being helpful and suggesting ideas. King Ling, albeit doing the dirty job, complemented the event that night by ensuring things run smoothly and orderly. Kingsley, while appeared serious and stern at first, turned out to be a very friendly and mentoring judge too. All of us had fun that night at Kitchen Showdown and the activity we partook that night certainly fits the team-building objective. The event exceeded way beyond my expectation. It was good fun, exciting yet calming (cooking/baking is therapeutic), challenging yet humbling (to work with different people/character towards a common goal), and last but not least, memorable. I know it’s weird to say this, but it felt good to unwind after a day of work at the place. I totally had a ball of time there! Thank you once again to King Ling, Ian and Chef!