Your Guys Are GREAT!
Thank you so much for the great Fun during our Income Year-End Party 2016! On behalf of our committee we are all very proud to have Kitchen Showdown as our event organizer. Because of you guys we have set our standard One Step higher and Good Luck to the 2017 committee. HaHa! Here I can boldly said that with Kitchen Showdown we have made the RIGHT choice !!

Below are some of our committee members personal view and experience partnering with you and your team before and during the event…

…..”A big thanks to everybody for all your time, contributions and effort for this successful event. I am grateful to have this opportunity to work with
a different section of colleagues including Kitchen Showdown. I am also thankful to be able to work closely together with you all”

… “Great experience to work with Kitchen Showdown! MC Derrick is very entertaining! Hope we can work together again in the near future for other events”…
…. “A pleasure to work with Kitchen Showdown”…..
… “Great fun! Smells good! Yummy…
…”Place a bit small and cramp…but not your fault ”
…”Emcee very young and active. Very good !!”
….Chefs and organizers were very friendly and helpful., we all like them very much”

.”fantastic Job!! Able to bring fun to such a big group