First off, I would like to thank Ian from Kitchen Showdown for accommodating us at the very last minute. Ian was very patient and took the time to explain the various games, giving suggestions based on our group size and going into detail about how and why certain games have specific requirements.

Even then, it was especially challenging as we only had 10 pax and we were quite adamant with choosing cut-throat assassins as the main theme, against Ian’s recommendation, because it sounded very fun.

Eventually, Ian was able to tailor the menu, the competition format and how the overall game play would flow such that we could still whip something up within 3 hours even though it was just 3-4 per group, since the very minimum requirement for cutthroat assassins is 3 teams.

Right from the start, we became very competitive as they would incorporate little games like remembering what ingredients to pick for your dishes and having to buy the missing ingredients back.

This would lead up to the main game, where the amount of chips we have left would determine our fate with the penalties or recoveries we could purchase with our remaining chips.

At the end of the whole thing, everyone was happy, satisfied and very full!